Student Attendance Management System

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Student Attendance Management System

Every school needs a good system to track student attendance. Logging each entry by hand is time consuming and the records take up valuable space.iDCube Student Attendance Management System by iDLink Systems is a powerful web-based solution for schools and higher education institutions to reduce staff workload and improve efficiencies with automated time and attendance system.

It has a practical, easy-to-use software package that makes student attendance, absences, and tracking much simpler. It works to ensure attendance is maintained by performing a cycle of activities that analyzes student absences, looks for solutions to correct, sets targets for improvement, seeks working interventions, and finally assesses solutions. Students can be tracked from the moment they enter the school, even before class has officially begun. This is especially useful in case of an emergency to know exactly who needs to be accounted for quickly. 

Student Attendance Management System Reports:

  • Student Tap-in and Time-in Report
  • Student Course Details Report  and Time Table (By Semester)
  • Daily Class Attendance Report and List of Minors Report (Unit and Overall)
  • Student Overall Attendance Report and SQL Query Report
  • Early Out and Lateness Report 
  • Overall Report by Category, Country and Course
  • Mean Attendance Report by Unit Class and by Course
  • Unit and Class Attendance Report
  • Absence Justification (AJ) Report and Audit Report
  • All reports can be exported to MS Excel and PDF format

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