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We are a local company with a strong track record in distributing cutting edge biometric identification  products and electronic security solutions such as video surveillance to global markets. Established in 2002, we have pioneered the deployment of a wide range of biometric products including fingerprint, facial, palm vein, iris and voice recognition in government and commercial clients. We also provide turnkey solutions incorporating both hardware and software elements in the areas of CCTV, intruder  alarm, physical access, and intercom systems. 

iDLink Systems is an authorized partner of UNIONCOMMUNITY. 

UNIONCOMMUNITY is a total biometric solution provider with its core technologies evolved from fingerprint recognition. UNIONCOMMUNITY is exporting their brand, ViRDI to more than 120 countries in worldwide and consistently innovating new biometric solutions for user convenience. iDLink Systems has added product portfolio Virdi, to provide topnotch identification, access and authentication control. This joint venture is structured to increase the customer base and to offer the strongest defences that drive the trust of clientele and improved user experience for the consumers. The biometric solutions offered are interoperable and can be easily integrated with a central control system. They enable collection of data that can be analysed for performance assessment.

iDLink products can be classified into 3 main solutions - Physical Access Security, Information Security and Time & Attendance Systems / Student Attendance Management System

Physical Access Security solutions offer a foolproof method to increase site security and provide a positive method of instantly knowing the identity of those entering the facility without hiring additional personnel to monitor and verify each person walking in.       

Information Security solutions protect computers and networks from unauthorized entry through comprehensive integrated biometric hardware and software solutions. 

Student Attendance Management System (SAMS) is a fully web-based time and attendance application to complement our full range of biometric time clock devices.  

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