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iRIS IM recognition access controller is fast emerging as the security technology of choice, for a board spectrum of organizations who want to provide their personnel with secure, easy, hands-free access to sites, buildings, rooms, clean areas and other facilities.

It enrolls and authenticates two eyes simultaneously and is able to meet your various needs for time and attendance , physical access security, or detection. Iris recognition technology, which is contactless brings higher security and convenience. IRIS IM recognition has proven its merit in high security applications around the world. It is suitable for various solutions and applications.


iRIS IM recognition access controller can automatically adjust users’ height and it can capture both eyes and face at once. Users can enroll and authenticate easily and conveniently with the help of the LED (Red, Green, Blue) auto distance indicator function. Followed on International Standard (ISO19794-6), IRIS IM has high quality iris image processing and superior iris algorithm. 


  • Excellent Authentication
  • State-of-Art Optical Design
  • ISO / IEC Standard : ISO 19794-6 Iris Image and Fast Shutter Speed
  • Automatic Height Adjustment
  • High Recognition Speed