Netfinger 2500 Plus Idlinksystems

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NetFinger 2500 PLUS is a cost effective fingerprint access control system capable of speedy authentication.  Like its NetFinger-3000 sibling, it offers you enterprise level enrollment management and work hour management with its LAN communication-based network infrastructure, and enhanced server management program.

NetFinger 2500 PLUS is designed to maximize operational efficiency, enabling integrated monitoring and systematic management of multiple terminals which have been operated independently on a remote location via the network.



  • Manage access of a large number of people
  • Easy remote control of terminals
  • Combine several authentication types (fingerprint, and password)
  • Real-time monitoring of access status
  • Access control by period and time
  • Enhanced user convenience (short ID / Group ID authentication and Auto-on)
  • Provide various additional features including user access lookup and inter-phone
  • Control multiple access control terminals via the network

Product Video

Demo Using Fingerprint